we are a community focused on san francisco and the surrounding bay area. here we aim to foster a fun, creative, and welcoming environment that caters to a wide variety of characters and allows for ample interaction via social and writing based activities. we are fairly laid back and don't require much to join but are only seeking writers who are interested in being active participants in the community. if this sounds like you, please read through our rules below and see if coastline would be the right community for you!

• standard pb rules apply: an in-character journal with no underscores or additional letters unrelated to your characters' name and at least one icon uploaded. your pb must be over 18 and within 5 years of your character's age. we do not accept challenges or overrides, if you see an inactive character then you will have to wait until they are removed.

• you must provide a backdated ic friends only post and a backdated ooc contact post with screened comments and basic information about your character, such as first and last name, age, occupation etc. we do not require a bio but you're welcome to have as much information listed as you'd like.

• we require at least two examples to join. one must be in third person - either a narrative or a scene - and the other can be anything you want. we are looking to see something that represents the sort of posts you will make at coastline.

• if your application has been deleted that means we've decided that you are not the right fit for our community. if you are a previous member, you may have been DOA too many times and are no longer being added back. we will contact you if there's something easily fixable such as we can't see your examples. we will not be replying to comments or pm's regarding your application.


• new members have 72 hours to make a post of any kind, whether a traditional intro or any form of interactive activity. all activity must be dropped off to the mods for it to be counted.

• we require two posts a month. one must be interactive with comments enabled and the second can be whatever you like. at this time we do not allow scenes to count towards activity but we encourage you to write them amongst your slps!

• activity must be dropped off to the mods to be counted. posts that do not meet the requirements or are otherwise dropped off incorrectly will be deleted.

• for comment enabled posts, you have 48 hours to reply to comments. if you do not reply to comments in a timely manner or abandon the post by only replying to the first few comments, this will not be counted towards your activity. we expect you to reply to more than the majority of comments, only replying to 6 out of 10 comments is considered abandoning.


• friends lists should not be more than 2+ weeks out of date. we will run checks for these periodically without warning.

we do not allow anon-enabled posts from members. anything anon-enabled will be run by the mods

• we do not have a character limit but you are expected to be active with all of your characters throughout the month. failure to do so may result in us asking you to drop some of your characters. while we understand characters don't always fit the way you hoped, if you are consistently dropping and applying with new faces, we will deny your new requests.

• above all, we encourage you to have fun and be engaging. these are a lot of rules but they help us to foster an active and friendly environment. please, enjoy our community, help it grow and thrive!

hiatuses and pb changes

• hiatus requests last for two weeks unless requested otherwise. a hiatus means no visible activity with that journal including in pbads or hangout.

• extensions last an additional 5 days. given that we don't require much for activity, we do not allow extensions to any member two months in a row.

• pb changes are permitted but please ask us beforehand. we will not allow excessive pb changes.

we aim to be a laid back, fun, interactive-based community and while we respect high drama, this may not be the community for you if that's what you want. we have a zero tolerance policy for any posts that are intentionally disruptive, race/gender/political baiting, or are in any way blurry. if you personally encounter a situation where you feel someone is becoming blurry, harassing other members, or displaying triggering behaviors, please come to us with as much information as you have and we will do our best to resolve it. we're here to help and want everyone to feel comfortable.